Matt Dillon in 'Employee of the Month'
Matt Dillon (1964 - )
Brother of
Kevin Dillon
Over the Edge (1979) [Richie]: Shot to death by Harry Northup when Matt pulls a gun on him. (Thanks to Robert)

The Outsiders (1983) [Dallas 'Dally' Winston]: Shot to death by police when he points an unloaded gun at them after a grocery-store robbery. (Thanks to Robert)

Kansas (1988) [Doyle Kennedy]: Crashes his car after being shot by police during a chase; he dies shortly after staggering out of the car. (It's unclear whether it was the crash or the gunshot wound that killed him.)

A Kiss Before Dying (1991) [Jonathan Corliss]: Hit by a train while chasing Sean Young through a trainyard.

To Die For (1995) [Larry Maretto]: Shot to death by Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck after they break into his home (acting on Nicole Kidman's instructions). (Thanks to Robert)

Wild Things (1998) [Sam Lombardo]: Knocked overboard by the sail of the ship, after he's been poisoned by Neve Campbell; his body is shown floating in the water afterwards. (It's unclear whether it's the poison, the impact, or drowning that actually kills him.) (Thanks to Robert and Charlie)

Employee of the Month (2004) [David Walsh]: Shot in the head by Andrea Bendewald in his hotel room. We only see Andrea firing during the actual murder; his body is shown lying on the floor afterwards as he continues to narrate the movie from beyond the grave. (Thanks to Michelle)

Armored (2009) [Mike Cochrone]: Killed in a car crash when he drives into a hole in the floor while he's trying to run down Columbus Short. (Thanks to Landa and Tommy)
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