Massimo Girotti (on top of Margaret Clementi) in 'Medea' (1969)
Massimo Girotti (1918 - 2003)
Sins of Rome (Spartaco; Sins of Rome, Story of Spartacus; Spartacus the Gladiator) (1953) [Spartacus]: Presumably executed by crucifixion. (I haven't seen this, but I have seen Kirk Douglas' death in the 1960 Spartacus.)

Medea (1969) [King Creon]: Commits suicide by jumping from a high wall, after his daughter (Margaret Clementi) does the same. His body is shown lying on top of hers afterwards. (An earlier scene shows him burning to death when he runs after the burning Margaret, but this turns out to be Maria Callas' fantasy.)
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