Martin Mull in 'Dance with Death'
Martin Mull dead in 'Dance with Death'
Martin Mull (1943 - )
Mr. Wendy Haas Mull
(former vocalist of Azteca)
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (1976/77; I don't know the exact episode or date) [Garth Gimble]: Impaled on an aluminum Christmas tree; played for comic effect. (Martin later returned to the show as "Garth's" twin brother "Barth," continuing the role of "Barth" in the spin-off series Fernwood 2-Nite/America 2-Nite.)

Dance with Death (1991) [Art]: Stabbed in the back (off-screen) by Drew Snyder in Martin's office; his body is shown afterwards lying face-down on the floor when Barbara Alyn Woods discovers him.
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