Mark Rolston (with Leonardo DiCaprio) in 'The Departed'
Mark Rolston (1956 - )
Aliens (1986) [Private Drake]: Burned to death when an alien's acidic blood splashes onto his face after Jenette Goldstein shoots the alien. (Thanks to Kiernan and Evan)

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) [Hans]: Shot to death by Derrick O'Connor in Joss Ackland's office. (Thanks to Evan)

Survival Quest (1989) [Jake]: Stabbed to death by Steve Antin while Mark is beating up Steve. (Thanks to Evan)

Babylon 5: The Quality of Mercy (1994) [Karl Mueller]: Dies after June Lockhart uses an alien healing device to transfer her terminal illness into him, after he tries to force her to heal his own injuries. (Thanks to Neil)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Eye of the Beholder (1994) [Lt. Walter Pierce]: Commits suicide by jumping into an energy stream, several years before the episode begins; he appears as a telepathic "after-image" seen by Marina Sirtis. (Thanks to Neil)

From the Earth to the Moon: Apollo One (1998) [Gus Grissom]: Dies of smoke inhalation/asphyxiation, along with Chris Isaak and Ben Marley, after a fire breaks out in their spacecraft. (Thanks to Neil)

Scorcher (2002) [Special Agent Kellaway]: Killed in an explosion after being knocked down a ventilation shaft with a nuclear device at the end of a fight with Mark Dacascos. (Thanks to Stephen)

Enterprise: Canamar (2003) [Kuroda Lor-ehn]: Killed (off-screen) when his ship burns on re-entry in the atmosphere of a planet. (Thanks to Neil)

The Departed (2006) [Timothy Delahunt]: Shot in the chest by police during a shoot-out in the street; he dies shortly after being brought back to the gang's hideout, while talking to Leonardo DiCaprio. (Thanks to Evan and Chris)

Saw VI (2009) [Dan Erickson]: Throat slashed by Costas Mandylor, as Ginger Ruriko Busch and Athena Karkanis look on in shock.
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