Marc McClure in 'Pandemonium'
Marc McClure (1957 - )
Pandemonium (1982) [Randy]: Choked to death when Tab Hunter stuffs a pom-pom down his throat (off-screen). His body is shown afterwards when Miles Chapin discovers him in their dorm room. (Played for comic effect.)

Grim Prairie Tales (Hellbent) (1990) [Tom]: Is literally sucked into Michelle Joyner's body during sex. (Nudity alert: Rear, but most likely a special-effects dummy at that point)

Sleepstalker: The Sandman's Last Rites (1995) [Dad]: Killed (off-screen), along with Caryn Richman, by Michael Harris. We only hear them screaming from off-camera; the bodies are not shown. (Thanks to Liz)
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