Marc Lawrence (1910 - 2005)
Ex-father-in-law of
Billy Bob Thornton
White Woman (1933) [Connors]: Killed by the natives; his severed head is then thrown through the window.

'G' Men (1935) [Gangster Killed at Lodge]: I haven't seen this movie myself, but the IMDB's identification of his character gives away his fate.

Hold That Ghost (Oh, Charlie) (1941) [Charlie Smith]: Strangled by a rival gangster in the basement; his body is shown again afterwards when Bud Abbott and Lou Costello discover him. (Thanks to Constantine)

This Gun for Hire (1942) [Tommy, Gates' Chauffeur]: Presumably killed (off-screen) by Alan Ladd; we only see Marc walking into a room, followed shortly afterwards by Alan walking out of the room in Marc's uniform, so his fate is strongly implied.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) [Rodney]: Shot in the head by Christopher Lee at the end of a cat-and-mouse chase through Christopher's 'funhouse' hideout.

Marathon Man (1976) [Erhard]: Shot to death by Dustin Hoffman when a gunfight breaks out between Dustin and the thugs.

Foul Play (1978) [Rupert Stiltskin]: Crushed to death when Chevy Chase pushes a shelf over on him while Marc is chasing Chevy and Goldie Hawn. (Thanks to Robert)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Vengeance Factor (1989) [Volnoth]: Killed when Lisa Wilcox infects him with a deadly virus. (Thanks to Neil)
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Marc Lawrence in 'The Man with the Golden Gun'