Macaulay Culkin in 'The Good Son'
Macaulay Culkin (1980 - )
Son of Christopher 'Kit' Culkin
Nephew of
Bonnie Bedelia
Brother of Shane, Dakota, Kieran, Quinn, Christian, and
Rory Culkin
Ex-Mr. Rachel Miner
Jacob's Ladder (Dante's Inferno) (1990) [Gabe]: Hit by a car (off-screen); he appears as a ghost or vision to his father (Tim Robbins) throughout the movie. It later turns out that the entire story has been occurring in Tim's mind as Tim is dying, and that Macaulay never actually existed. (Thanks to ND, Bryan, and Graeme)

My Girl (1991) [Thomas J. Sennett]: Stung to death by bees in the woods. His body is shown afterwards in the funeral home when Anna Chlumsky sees him. (Thanks to David, Harry, Christian, Scorpio, Skyler, Donald, Valeria, Highscorekid, Bryan, Tommy, SnowFairy, Graeme, and GIRobot)

The Good Son (1993) [Henry Evans]: Falls to his death from a cliff at the end of a struggle with Elijah Wood, when Wendy Crewson lets go of Macaulay in order to save Elijah. (Thanks to Tal, Corey, David, Tony, Christian, Scorpio, Megan, ND, Donald, Valeria, Highscorekid, Bryan, Hunter, SnowFairy, Graeme, GIRobot, Dignan, Tobias, and Tommy)
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