Luigi Pistilli in 'Death Rides a Horse'
Luigi Pistilli (1929 - 1996)
For a Few Dollars More (Per qualche dollaro in piu) (1965) [Groggy]: Shot to death by Clint Eastwood after Luigi attempts to shoot Clint. (Thanks to Robert)

Death Rides a Horse (Da uomo a uomo; As Man to Man) (1968) [Wolcott]: Stabbed in the neck when Lee Van Cleef throws a knife at him just as Luigi is about to shoot John Phillip Law.

Twitch of the Death Nerve (Reazione a catena; Bay of Blood; Antefatto; Carnage; Last House on the Left Part 2) (1971) [Albert]: Shot to death, along with Claudine Auger, by their son (Renato Cestie), who was unknowingly "playing" with a real gun.
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