Luciano Pigozzi in 'Terror Creatures from the Grave'
Luciano Pigozzi (1927 - )
a.k.a. Alan Collins
Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory (Lycanthropus; Ghoul in a Girls' Dormitory; Monster Among the Girls) (1961) [Walter Jeoffrey]: Falls to his death from a school building, while trying to escape after stealing some letters from the girls' dormitory.

Libido (1965) [Paul]: Pushed off of a cliff by Mara Maryl. (Thanks to Johan)

Terror Creatures from the Grave (5 tombe per un medium; Cemetery of the Living Dead; Five Graves for a Medium) (1965) [Kurt, the Servant]: Dies of bubonic plague after completing the ritual to bring several plague-carrying zombies back to life.

Vengeance (Joko invoca Dio...e muori) (1968) [Domingo]: Shot to death by Richard Harrison on a hill. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Young, the Evil & the Savage ( muore; Naked She Dies; Schoolgirl Killer) (1968) [La Floret]: Stabbed to death with a sickle by Ludmila Lvova in the greenhouse; his body is shown again later on when Franco De Rosa discovers him. (Thanks to Andrea and Johan)

Sabata (Ehi amico...c'e Sabata, hai chiuso!) (1969) [False Father Brown]: Shot to death by Lee Van Cleef. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Night of the Assassin (Appuntamento col disonore; Rendezvouz with Dishonour) (1970) [Mr. Anton]: Killed in an explosion when Michael Craig throws a grenade into Luciano's explosive-laden boat. (Thanks to Johan)

The Devil with Seven Faces (Il Diavolo a sette facce) (1971) [Steve Hunter]: Shot to death by George Hilton on the roof of an old windmill; his body then falls to the ground below. (Thanks to Johan)

Human Cobras (L'Uomo piu velenoso del cobra; Target: Murder) (1971) [Mortimer]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unclear) by Fernando Hilbeck in a hotel room; his body is shown afterwards when George Ardisson discovers him. (Thanks to Johan)

Dead Men Ride (El Sol bajo la tierra) (1972) [Manolo the Barber]: Shot in the head by Fabio Testi in Luciano's barber shop. (Thanks to Andrea)

Kill! (Kill! Kill! Kill!) (1972) [Medina]: Presumably shot to death. (My memory of this movie is vague; I can't remember his actual death scene, but I do remember that he was present in James Mason's dying hallucination of all the movie's casualties jumping up and down in the jungle.)

The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood (Gli Orrori del castello di Norimberga) (1972) [Fritz]: Shut in an iron maiden by Joseph Cotten; his body is shown again later on when the iron maiden is opened. (It's been a while since I've seen this movie, so my memory is vague.)

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (La Morte negli occhi del gatto) (1973) [Angus]: Throat slit with a razor by Venantino Venantini; his body is shown again later on when the police discover him. (Thanks to Andrea)

Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (Terror! Il castello delle donne maldette) (1974) [Hans]: Crushed to death/back broken when Loren Ewing gets him in a bear-hug. (Thanks to Johan)

Syndicate Sadists (Il Giustiziere sfida la citta; Final Payment; One Just Man; Rambo's Revenge) (1975) [Conti's Thug]: Shot to death (off-screen), along with several other thugs, in a shoot-out with Tomas Milian; I couldn't actually spot Luciano during the shooting, but it doesn't appear that any of the thugs survived.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Roma a mano armata; Brutal Justice; Tough Ones) (1976) [Savelli's Henchman]: Shot to death by Maurizio Merli during a big shoot-out. (Thanks to Andrea)

Escape from Hell (Femmine infernali; Hellfire on Ice Part 2: Escape from Hell) (1980) [Warden]: Strangled by Anthony Steffen. (Thanks to Johan)

The Last Hunter (L'Ultimo cacciatore) (1980) [Bartender]: Machine-gunned by Viet Cong soldiers when they attack the base camp. (Thanks to Johan)

The Hunters of the Golden Cobra (I Cacciatore del cobra d'oro) (1982) [Greenwater]: Falls into an active volcano after being shot by Almanta Suska. (Thanks to Andrea)

Exterminators of the Year 3000 (Gli Sterminatori dell'anno 3000; Death Warriors) (1983) [Papillon]: Slashed to death with a spiked glove by Beryl Cunningham. (Thanks to Johan)

Double Target (1987) [McDouglas]: Machine-gunned by Bo Svenson's men. (Thanks to Johan)

Alien from the Deep (Alien degli abissi) (1989) [Dr. Geoffrey]: Killed by the alien. (Thanks to Johan)
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