Lucas Till (1990 - )
Walk the Line (2005) [Jack Cash]: Fatally injured (off-screen) in an accident while operating a table saw; he dies some time later with his family gathered by his bedside.

Dance of the Dead (2008) [Jensen]: Torn apart by the zombies as Lucas and the others are trying to escape.

Fear Clinic: Misophobia (2009) [Brett]: Dies (off-screen); his death is mentioned when Robert Englund writes in his journal that three of his patients have died. (Thanks to Steve)

Laid to Rest (2009) [Young Store Clerk]: Shot in the head when Nick Principe turns Lucas' shotgun against him, as Thomas Dekker, Adam Fitzgerald, and Bobbi Sue Luther look on in horror. (Thanks to Matthew)

Battle: Los Angeles (2011) [Cpl. Scott Grayston]: Killed in an explosion, along with everybody else aboard the helicopter, when the aliens shoot it down.

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Lucas Till in 'Dance of the Dead'