Luca Bercovici (foreground) in 'Silk Stalkings: In Too Deep'
Luca Bercovici (1957 - )
Grandson of Leonardo Bercovici
Son of Eric Bercovici
Silk Stalkings: In Too Deep (1992) [Officer Lem Caine]: Shot in the chest (off-screen) by Jim Youngs; his body is shown afterwards lying on the beach when Rob Estes, Robert Gossett, and Mitzi Kapture arrive at the scene.

Drop Zone (1994) [Don Jagger]: Electrocuted when Gary Busey causes him to hithe power lines while skydiving.

The Granny (The Matriarch) (1995) [Namon Ami]: Stabbed in the back with his own enchanted sword by Samantha Hedricks while Luca is struggling with Stella Stevens; his body vanishes as he dies.
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