Louis Jourdan in 'Great Performances: Count Dracula'
Louis Jourdan (1921 - )
Brother of Pierre Jourdan
The Paradine Case (1947) [Andre Latour]: Commits suicide (off-screen); we learn of his death afterwards when the news is announced in the courtroom.

Great Performances: Count Dracula (1978) [Count Dracula]: Stabbed in the chest with a wooden stake by Frank Finlay.

Swamp Thing (1982) [Dr. Anton Arcane]: Killed at the end of a fight with Dick Durock in the swamp, after Louis is transformed into his monstrous form (Ben Bates). (He returned without explanation, again in his human form, in the 1989 sequel The Return of Swamp Thing.)

Octopussy (1983) [Prince Kamal Khan]: Killed in a plane crash/explosion after Roger Moore sabotages Louis' plane. (Thanks to Michael)
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