Lo Lieh in 'Battle of Shaolin'
Lo Lieh (1939 - 2002)
a.k.a. Lieh Lo
(the surname Lo traditionally precedes the given name Lieh)
Ex-Mr. Grace Tang Chia-li
Battle of Shaolin (Bo ming; Bandits, Prostitutes, and Silver; The Damned) (1977) [Pao Cheng-Fang]: Hanged when Don Wong tangles Lieh's own "flying guillotine" weapon around Lieh's neck and hoists him up by it.

Fist of Fury Part 2 (Jing wu men xu ji; Chinese Connection 2) (1977) [Miyamoto]: Killed at the end of a fight with Bruce Li.

(Note: As a frequent villain of martial-arts movies, Lieh undoubtedly "died" in several more of his films; these are the only ones I know for certain.)

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