Logan Marshall-Green before his off-screen death in 'Across the Universe'
Logan Marshall-Green (1976 - )
Across the Universe (2007) [Paco]: Killed in an explosion (off-screen) when he and his group of revolutionaries set off their bombs; we learn of his death when Jim Sturgess reads about it in the newspaper.

Brooklyn's Finest (2009) [Officer Melvin Panton]: Shot to death (off-screen) by criminals; we learn of his death after the fact when Richard Gere hears the news at the station house. (Thanks to Andrew)

Prometheus (2012) [Charlie Holloway]: Burned with a flamethrower by Charlize Theron, as a mercy killing at his own request after he's infected by the alien parasite. He is then run over by the rest of the crew. (Thanks to Tommy, ND, and Tim)

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