Lloyd Kaufman in 'Citizen Toxie'
Lloyd Kaufman (1945 - )
a.k.a. Samuel Weil
President and co-founder of
Troma Films
The Battle of Love's Return (1971) [Abacrombie]: Shot to death in combat in Vietnam. (Thanks to Bjarni)

Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Subhumanoid (1994) [Helicopter Pilot]: Killed in an explosion when Tromie the Nuclear Squirrel throws a nuclear missile at his helicopter. (Thanks to Bjarni)

Terror Firmer (1999) [Larry Benjamin]: Killed in an explosion after he falls on top of Will Keenan's bomb on the movie set. Assorted body parts are shown scattered around the set afterwards.

Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger IV (2000) [Public Service Announcement]: Shot in the chest by his evil doppelganger, in a "public service announcement" on the dangers of parallel universes.

The Janitor (2003) [Bum]: Decapitated when Andy Signore rips his head off. (Thanks to Bjarni)

Parts of the Family (2003) [Carl Ressler]: Eaten alive by zombies. (Thanks to Bjarni)

PDA Massacre (2004) [The Doctor]: Impaled with many lollipops. (This short is available on the DVD The Best of Tromadance Festivals Vol. 3.) (Thanks to Bjarni)

Pot Zombies (2005) [Pizza Delivery Guy]: Eaten alive by a group of zombies with the munchies. (Thanks to Bjarni)

Poultrygeist: Attack of the Chicken Zombies (2006) [Older Arbie]: Killed by the chicken zombies; he later returns as a chicken zombie and dies again when he gets shot. (Thanks to Bjarni)

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (2009) [Dr. O'Masterblaster]: Killed in an explosion when Debbie Rochon douses him with gasoline and sets him on fire in his office.
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