Linus Roache in 'Batman Begins'
Linus Roache (1964 - )
Son of William Roache and Anna Cropper
Shakespeare: The Animated Series (1992; animated) [Romeo Montague]: Commits suicide by taking poison in the crypt, not knowing that Juliet (Clare Holman) has only drugged herself into a deathlike trance. (I haven't seen this animated adaptation, but we all know the story...)

RFK (2002) [Robert F. Kennedy]: I haven't seen this, so I don't know whether it covers Kennedy's death or ends before that point. (No actor is listed as playing Sirhan Sirhan, so even if it does cover the time of his death, the shooting would presumably be off-screen.)

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) [Purifier]: Commits suicide by walking out into the intense sunlight and burning himself to death. (Thanks to Jim)

Batman Begins (2005) [Thomas Wayne]: Shot in the chest by Richard Brake in an alley outside a theatre; he dies shortly afterwards as his son (Gus Lewis) kneels by his side.
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