Liev Schreiber (1967 - )
Brother of Pablo Schreiber
Ransom (1996) [Clark Barnes]: Shot to death by Gary Sinise. (Thanks to Germboygel and Sam)

Phantoms (1998) [Deputy Stuart 'Stu' Wargle]: Face sucked off by one of the creatures. (Thanks to Germboygel and Sam)

Sphere (1998) [Dr. Ted Fielding]: Burned to death after a fire breaks out in the undersea station, due to the power of Samuel L. Jackson's subconscious. (Thanks to Sam)

Twilight (1998) [Jeff Willis]: Shot to death by James Garner. (Thanks to Andrew)

Jakob the Liar
(1999) [Mischa the Prizefighter]: Presumably dies (off-screen) in a concentration camp; his death is implied but not confirmed. (Thanks to Sam)

Hamlet (2000) [Laertes]: Slashed with his own poison-coated sword during a swordfight with Ethan Hawke; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Ethan. (Thanks to Sam)

Scream 3 (2000) [Cotton Weary]: Stabbed in the chest by Scott Foley in Liev's home; the scene cuts to the opening credits just as Scott brings the knife down for the final blow. (Thanks to Germboygel, Tyler, Iffat, Alli, and Sam)

The Manchurian Candidate (2004) [Raymond Shaw]: Shot to death, along with his mother (Meryl Streep) by Denzel Washington (at Liev's own consent), while Liev and Meryl are dancing together. (Thanks to Iffat and Sam)

The Omen (2006) [Robert Thorn]: Shot to death by police just as he's about to kill Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick in a church. We only see the SWAT leader firing; the scene then cuts to Liev's funeral. (The DVD's bonus features include an extended ending in which we actually see Liev being shot.) (See also Gregory Peck in the 1976 version.) (Thanks to Robert, Iffat, Sam, and Eric)

CSI: Law of Gravity (2007) [Michael Keppler]: Shot in the stomach by Len Cariou when Liev gets in front of Sage Kirkpatrick and takes the bullet for her; he dies shortly afterwards in the ambulance while talking to Marg Helgenberger. (Thanks to Neil, Paige, Scott, and Nemanja)

Repo Men (2010) [Frank]: Stabbed in the throat with a katana by Forest Whitaker. (This turns out to be part of the simulated "reality" in Jude Law's new cybernetic brain; Liev survives the movie in reality.) (Thanks to ND and Tommy)

Salt (2010) [Ted Winter]: Strangled/neck snapped with handcuffs by Angelina Jolie. (Thanks to Danny, ND, and Tommy)
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Liev Schreiber in 'The Omen' (DVD extended ending)