Liam Cunningham in 'The Card Player'
Liam Cunningham (1961 - )
Dog Soldiers (2002) [Captain Ryan]: Stabbed with a silver letter opener, then shot in the head, by Kevin McKidd, after Liam transforms into a werewolf.

The Card Player (Il Cartaio) (2004) [John Brennan]: Impaled through the stomach by a swinging blade when he opens the door, in a death-trap set up by Claudio Santamaria.

Harry Brown (2009) [Sid Rourke]: Shot in the chest by a police sniper just as Liam is about to shoot Michael Caine. (Thanks to Arben and Tommy)

Perrier's Bounty (2009) [The Mull]: Shot repeatedly by Brendan Gleeson as Liam begs for his life. (Thanks to Arben)

The Tournament (2009) [Powers]: Killed in an explosion, along with Ving Rhames, after Ving forces the explosive tracking device down Liam's throat in Liam's "game room" headquarters.

Centurion (2010) [Brick]: Stabbed in the stomach with a spear when Olga Kurylenko throws it at him; he then drives the spear through his own body in order to kill a Pict warrior who had grabbed him from behind. (Thanks to Matthew and Arben)

The Guard (2011) [Francis Sheehy-Skelfington]: Killed in an explosion after Don Cheadle starts a fire on Liam's boat, on top of being shot repeatedly by Brendan Gleeson. (Thanks to Arben and ND)

Safe House (2012) [Alec Wade]: Shot in the head by Fares Fares while sitting in a car, as Denzel Washington looks on in shock. (Thanks to ND)

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