Leland Orser in 'Alien Resurrection'
Leland Orser (1960 - )
Ex-Mr. Roma Downey
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Alien Resurrection (1997) [Larry Purvis]: Killed when an alien bursts out of his chest, while he's holding J.E. Freeman in front of his body. Leland is then shot repeatedly by Ron Perlman in an attempt to destroy the alien; it's unclear whether or not he was already dead when Ron fires on him. (Thanks to Wen)

Star Trek: Voyager: Revulsion (1997) [Dejaren]: Playing a hologram, he is destroyed when Roxann Dawson short-circuits him with an exposed power conduit. (Thanks to Neil)

The Bone Collector (1999) [Richard Thompson]: My memory of this movie is vague, but I believe he was shot to death by Angelina Jolie just as Leland is about to kill Denzel Washington.
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