Lee Marvin (1924 - 1987)
Hangman's Knot (1952) [Rolph Bainter]: Shot twice in the chest by Claude Jarman Jr. just as Lee is about to shoot Randolph Scott. (Thanks to Brian)

The Raid (1954) [Lt. Keating]: Shot to death by Van Heflin after Lee drunkenly threatens the congregation in a church. (Thanks to Brian)

Violent Saturday (1955) [Dill, Bank Robber]: Stabbed in the back with a pitchfork by Ernest Borgnine just as Lee is about to shoot Victor Mature.

Raintree County (1957) [Orville 'Flash' Perkins]: Shot in combat with Confederate soldiers; he dies shortly afterwards, after remaining behind and creating a distraction so that Montgomery Clift can escape.

The Comancheros (1961) [Tully Crow]: Shot to death by John Wayne. (Thanks to Tim)

The Twilight Zone: The Grave (1961) [Conny Miller]: Dies of a heart attack from fright when something stops him from getting up after sticking a knife in Dick Geary's grave; although it appears that Lee accidentally pinned his own coat to the grave, it's also suggested that Dick actually reached up and grabbed him. (Thanks to Kenneth)

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) [Liberty Valance]: Shot in the chest by John Wayne, who fires from the shadows during Lee's showdown with James Stewart in the street. When we see the showdown, it looks as though James shot Lee; the truth is revealed in a flashback when John tells James what really happened.

The Killers (1964) [Charlie Strom]: Shot in the stomach with a sniper rifle by Ronald Reagan while walking along the sidewalk with Clu Gulager and Angie Dickinson; he manages to survive long enough to follow Ronald and Angie to their home and kill them both, then staggers outside and dies just as the police arrive.

Cat Ballou (1965) [Kid Shelleen/Strawn]: Playing a dual role as hero and villain, the villain "Strawn" is shot to death (off-screen) by the hero "Kid Shelleen." We only see Shelleen walk out of the showdown afterwards, wearing Strawn's nose-guard as a joke before revealing his true identity.

Point Blank (1967) [Walker]: Possibly dies after being shot in the stomach by John Vernon during a prison break; although he appears to recover and is the protagonist for the rest of the movie, it has been interpreted that he might be a ghost or that the entire movie is his dying revenge fantasy.

Hell in the Pacific (1968) [American Pilot]: Killed in an explosion, along with Toshiro Mifune, when the abandoned boat they've discovered blows up. (Thanks to Zoran)

The Klansman (The Burning Cross; KKK) (1974) [Sheriff Track Bascomb]: Shot to death in the final shoot-out. (Thanks to Zoran)

Gorky Park (1983) [Jack Osborne]: Shot in the chest by Joanna Pacula as he is about to shoot William Hurt outside a barn, then shot in the chest by William when Lee turns his gun on Joanna, and finally shot several more times by Joanna after he falls.

Dog Day (Canicule) (1984) [Jimmy Cobb]: Commits suicide by shooting himself under the chin while hiding out in a barn with David Bennent.
Lee Marvin (with Ernest Borgnine) in 'Violent Saturday'
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