Laz Alonso (1974 - )
All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos (2005) [Tyler]: Killed by the zombies when they overpower him; he later returns as a zombie himself.

Captivity (2007) [Detective Ray Di Santos]: Beaten to death with a baseball bat by Elisha Cuthbert (who mistakenly believed Laz to be one of the killers), on top of having been shot in the chest by Daniel Gillies. (Thanks to Eric and ND)

Avatar (2009) [Tsu'tey]: Providing the voice of an alien (portrayed through CGI and motion-capture), he is shot repeatedly by Marines as he attacks their ship, then falls to his death. (Thanks to Stephen, Tommy, and Hamza)

Fast & Furious (2009) [Fenix Rise]: Deliberately hit with a car by Vin Diesel.

Straw Dogs (2011) [John Burke]: Shot in the back by James Woods while Laz is talking to James Marsden through the door. (See also T.P. McKenna in the 1971 version) (Thanks to ND)

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Laz Alonso in 'Straw Dogs' (2011)