Larry Manetti (with Paydin LoPachin) in 'Triloquist'
Larry Manetti (1947 - )
Mr. Nancy DeCarl
Magnum, P.I.: Murder by Night (1987) [Rick/Reverend Myron Bentley]: Playing a dual role in both the present-day and in the 1940s story-within-the-story, the 1940s "Rev. Bentley" is shot in the back by John Hillerman from a window. (His regular character "Rick" survives, obviously.) (Thanks to Scott)

Triloquist (2008) [Larry Manetti]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unclear) by Paydin LoPachin. We see Larry sitting in his car talking to Paydin, Rocky Marquette and the dummy; the scene then cuts away to Paydin dragging Larry's body off to the side of the road.
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