Kevin Pollak (1957 - )
Ex-Mr. Lucy Webb
Ricochet (1991) [Detective Larry Doyle]: Shot to death by John Lithgow, as part of a set-up to frame Denzel Washington for Kevin's murder. (Thanks to Isaac)

The Usual Suspects (1995) [Todd Hockney]: Shot in the head by "Keyser Soze" on the dock; shown in a flashback when Kevin Spacey tells his story to Chazz Palminteri, so the way it's depicted may not be the way it actually happened. (Thanks to Raven)

End of Days (1999) [Chicago]: Burned to death when Gabriel Byrne withdraws his Satanic protection, having earlier used his powers to save Kevin from a burning car.

The Whole Nine Yards (2000) [Janni Pytor Gogolak]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Bruce Willis in Bruce's home; the scene cuts away after we see Bruce firing. His body is shown afterwards sitting in a car beside Harland Williams' body, while Bruce and Michael Clarke Duncan prepare to burn the car. (Thanks to Big TK)

Red State (2011) [ASAC Brooks]: Shot in the head by Michael Parks while Kevin is talking to John Goodman. (Thanks to Tommy)
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Kevin Pollak in 'Red State'