Kevin Dillon in 'Poseidon'
Kevin Dillon's death in 'Poseidon'
Kevin Dillon (1965 - )
Brother of
Matt Dillon
Platoon (1986) [Bunny]: Killed (though I can't recall the details). (Thanks to JOK)

Tales from the Crypt: House of Horror (1993) [Les Wilton]: Slashed to death with a chainsaw by the cannibal sorority sisters. (Thanks to ND)

No Escape (Escape from Absolom) (1994) [Casey]: Stabbed to death at the end of a fight with Ray Liotta. (Thanks to ND)

True Crime (Dangerous Kiss; True Detective) (1996) [Tony Campbell]: Falls into a glass-grinding machine, after Alicia Silverstone stabs his hand with a shard of glass, causing him to lose his grip. (Thanks to ND and PortsGuy)

Misbegotten (1998) [Billy Crapshoot]: Killed by Lysette Anthony. (Thanks to ND)

Poseidon (2006) [Lucky Larry]: Crushed to death when a piece of wreckage falls on him while he's crossing the makeshift bridge. (Thanks to JOK)
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