Kevin Bacon in 'Friday the 13th'
Kevin Bacon (1958 - )
Brother of Michael Bacon
Mr. Kyra Sedgwick
Father of Travis Bacon and Sosie Bacon
Friday the 13th (1980) [Jack Burrell]: Stabbed in the back of the neck with an arrow by Betsy Palmer, from underneath the bed; the arrow emerges from his throat as she holds him down by the forehead. (Thanks to Wen and Robert)

Criminal Law (1988) [Martin Thiel]: Shot by Tess Harper as Kevin charges at Gary Oldman with a sharp broken jug; he dies in Gary's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to ND)

Flatliners (1990) [David Labraccio]: Is temporarily clinically dead at one point when he deliberately has his heart stopped in the laboratory in order to have an after-life experience. (It's debatable whether this counts, but just in case...) (Thanks to PortsGuy and Dave)

The River Wild (1994) [Wade]: Shot to death by Meryl Streep. (My memory is vague on the details of the scene.) (Thanks to Tatiana)

Apollo 13 (1995) [Jack Swigert]: Dies of cancer (off-screen), several years after his final scene; his death is mentioned in Tom Hanks' narration. (Thanks to Neil)

Murder in the First (1995) [Henri Young]: Dies in prison (off-screen); we learn of his death when Christian Slater gets the news.

Sleepers (1996) [Sean Nokes]: Shot repeatedly by Billy Crudup and Ron Eldard in a restaurant. (Thanks to Robert)

Wild Things (Sex Crimes) (1998) [Sgt. Ray Duquette]: Drowned when he falls overboard from Matt Dillon's boat, after being shot in the leg and shoulder with a speargun by Neve Campbell. (Thanks to Robert)

Hollow Man (2000) [Sebastian Caine]: Falls to his death down a flaming elevator shaft. (Nudity alert: Full frontal in a loosely-defined sense; only his muscular & skeletal systems are visible, but not his skin.) (Thanks to Vince, Robert and Tatiana)

Trapped (2002) [Joe Hickey]: Shot to death by Charlize Theron. (Thanks to Tatiana)

Death Sentence (2007) [Nick Hume]: Although his fate is left ambiguous in the original theatrical version, in the unrated version he bleeds to death after he stops applying pressure to the neck wound he received in a battle with Garrett Hedlund's gang. (Thanks to Thierry, Martin and Kyle)

Super (2010) [Jacques]: Stabbed repeatedly by Rainn Wilson. (Thanks to Arben, Tommy, and ND)

X-Men: First Class (2011) [Sebastian Shaw]: "Shot" in the head when Michael Fassbender uses his magnetic powers to propel a coin through Kevin's head, after James McAvoy telepathically freezes Kevin in place (with James only intending to stop Kevin, not meaning to have any part in his death). (Thanks to Arben, Weasel, Aki, Neil, Mathew, Jason, Tommy, and ND)

R.I.P.D. (2013) [Bobby Hayes]: Shot to death by Ryan Reynolds. (Thanks to Tommy)

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