Karel Roden (1962 - )
15 Minutes (2001) [Emil Slovak]: Shot repeatedly by Edward Burns. (Thanks to Tal)

Blade II (2002) [Karel Kounen]: Stabbed repeatedly by Kris Kristofferson. (Thanks to ND)

Bulletproof Monk (2003) [Strucker]: Impaled when a statue falls on him.

Hellboy (2004) [Grigori Rasputin]: Impaled when Ron Perlman tears off one of his own horns and stabs Karel with it.

Running Scared (2006) [Anzor 'Duke' Yugorsky]: Shot in the back (right in the eyes of his John Wayne tattoo) by John Noble at the ice rink, after Karel refuses to kill his son (Cameron Bright).

RocknRolla (2008) [Uri Omovich]: Possibly killed (off-screen) by Mark Strong and Mark's men; Karel's fate is not definitely established, but Mark's dialogue hints at his death. (Thanks to Josh)

Cat Run (2011) [Carver]: Neck snapped between Janet McTeer's legs at the end of a fight. (Thanks to Matthew)

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Karel Roden in 'Cat Run'