Jurgen Prochnow in 'Kill Cruise'
Jurgen Prochnow (1941 - )
Das Boot (The Boat) (1981) [Der Alte]: Mortally wounded when British planes fire on the submarine. (Thanks to Fred, Tony and Francisco)

The Keep (1983) [Captain Klaus Woermann]: Shot in the back by Gabriel Byrne so that Gabriel can steal Jurgen's gold cross. (Thanks to Stephen)

Dune (1984) [Duke Leto Atreides]: Fatally beaten and drugged by Kenneth McMillan; he dies after mistakenly killing Brad Dourif instead of Kenneth. (Thanks to Wen and Gary)

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) [Maxwell Dent]: Shot to death by Eddie Murphy while Jurgen is trying to run over Eddie with his car. (Thanks to Eric)

A Dry White Season (1989) [Captain Stolz]: Shot to death by Zakes Mokae in broad daylight. (Thanks to Robert)

Kill Cruise (Der Skipper; The Storm) (1990) [The Skipper]: Shot in the throat with a spear-gun by Elizabeth Hurley on the deck of the boat.

Interceptor (1992) [Phillips]: Killed in an explosion when the missile he fired at Andrew Divoff's plane hits his own instead. (Thanks to Gary)

Judge Dredd (1995) [Judge Griffin]: Arms ripped off by a giant robot that was following Armand Assante's instructions. We only see Jurgen's legs dangling as the robot does this.

Air Force One (1997) [General Ivan Radek]: Killed while trying to escape. (Thanks to Gary)

DNA (1997) [Dr. Carl Wessinger]: Killed in an explosion. (Thanks to Gary)

The Replacement Killers (1998) [Michael Kogan]: Shot to death by Mira Sorvino. (Thanks to Eric)
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