Jonathan Hyde in 'Anaconda'
Jonathan Hyde (1947 - )
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (1980) [Rosencrantz]: Executed (presumably off-screen), along with Geoffrey Bateman, after Derek Jacobi alters the instructions for his own murder to order theirs instead.

Jumanji (1995) [Samuel Alan Parish/Hunter Van Pelt]: Playing a dual role, "Samuel Alan Parish" dies (off-screen) at some point between the 1969 scenes and the present-day scenes; his gravestone is seen when his son (Robin Williams) escapes from the game and returns to the real world. His death is undone when Robin finally wins the game and is restored to his childhood in 1969; the epilogue reveals that Jonathan is still alive in the present that came about due to the changes in the past. (Thanks to Liz)

Anaconda (1997) [Warren Westridge]: Crushed and eaten by the giant anaconda, after it grabs him in its coils after he falls from a waterfall.

The Mummy (1999) [Dr. Allen Chamberlain]: Life-force drained (off-camera) by Arnold Vosloo; his dessicated body (a dummy, obviously) is shown lying in the street afterwards.
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