John Savage in 'The Killing Kind'
John Savage (1949 - )
Brother of
Jim Youngs and Gail Youngs
Father of Jennifer Youngs
The Killing Kind (1973) [Terry Lambert]: Poisoned when his mother (Ann Sothern) puts photo-developing chemicals into his drink to spare him from going back to jail.

Eric (1975) [Eric Swensen]: Presumably dies of a terminal illness.

Salvador (1986) [John Cassaday]: Shot in the street by an airplane while taking photos of the battle; he dies in James Woods' arms shortly afterwards.

Killing Obsession (1994) [Albert]: Shot several times in the chest by Bernard White, while John is holding Beverley Mitchell hostage on a rooftop.

The Jack Bull (1999) [Slater]: Shot in the chest by John Cusack when Savage attempts to kill Rodney A. Grant.

Star Trek: Voyager: Equinox Part 2 (1999) [Captain Rudy Ransom]: Killed in an explosion when his ship is destroyed. (Thanks to Neil)
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