John Ratzenberger in 'Under Pressure'
John Ratzenberger (1947 - )
A Bridge Too Far (1977) [U.S. Lieutenant]: Shot to death by German troops while crossing the river. (Thanks to William)

Motel Hell (1980) [Drummer]: Neck snapped when Rory Calhoun puts a rope around his neck, then pulls on the rope with a tractor (while John is buried up to his neck on the 'farm').

Under Pressure (Bad Day on the Block) (1997) [Officer Al Calavito]: Hit in the stomach with an axe by Charlie Sheen in Charlie's living room.

Tick Tock (A Friendship to Die For; Clockwork) (2000) [Clay Fairfield, P.I.]: Deliberately run over with a car by Kristin Minter as John is about to call the police on his cell phone. (Thanks to Pat)
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