John Neville in 'Urban Legend'
John Neville (1925 - 2011)
Romeo and Juliet (1955) [Romeo]: Commits suicide by drinking poison in Claire Bloom's crypt, unaware that she's not really dead. (I haven't seen this version, but we all know the story...)

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) [Heironymus Karl Frederick, Baron von Munchausen]: Shot by Jonathan Pryce, after which we see the Angel of Death come to take his life-force; immediately afterwards, the scene cuts to a living, healthy John telling his audience that this was just one of many occasions in which he died. (Thanks to Kim)

(1996) [Follenfant]: Shot to death by Carrie-Anne Moss in John's living room. (Thanks to Matt and ND)

The Fifth Element (1997) [General Staedert]: Killed in an explosion (along with the rest of his crew) when the mysterious destructive force blows up his spaceship.

Urban Legend (Mixed Culture) (1998) [Dean Adams]: Impaled on the severe-tire-damage spikes when Rebecca Gayheart runs over him in the parking garage, after she first cuts his achilles tendon as he was about to get in his car. His body is shown again later on when Alicia Witt discovers him in his office.

The X-Files (The X-Files: Fight the Future) (1998) [The Well-Manicured Man]: Killed in an explosion when a bomb in his car detonates, just after David Duchovny gets out of the car. (Thanks to Neil, Kim, and Nemanja)

The Duke (Hubert) (1999) [The Duke]: Dies, presumably of natural causes, leaving his estate and title to James Doohan's dog. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but have read the premise on its IMDB listing.)

Sunshine (1999) [Gustave Sors]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes; we last see him in the hospital when Ralph Fiennes and Rosemary Harris visit him.
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