John Miljan (with Roger Pryor) in 'Belle of the Nineties'
John Miljan (1892 - 1960)
The Unholy Night (The Green Ghost) (1929) [Major Arthur Mallory]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself (off-camera) after stabbing Dorothy Sebastian when the lights go out during a seance; we see his body fall when the lights come back on.

Belle of the Nineties (1934) [Ace Lamont]: Beaten to death (with a single blow to the face) by Roger Pryor after Roger catches John preparing to set the theatre on fire. His body is shown again when Mae West comes in and discovers him.

The Plainsman (1936) [General George Armstrong Custer]: Killed (off-screen) in the battle with Sioux and Cheyenne warriors. (The Battle of Little Big Horn is not actually depicted, but only described when Anthony Quinn reports his vision of it.)

Miracle Money (1938) [Dr. Jones]: Executed (off-screen), exact method unknown. The movie goes from a scene of John being arrested to a scene of the host/narrator reporting that John "paid with his life" for his crimes. (This short film occasionally plays between programs on the Turner Classic Movies channel.)

Fast and Furious (1939) [Eric Bartell]: Shot in the back (off-screen) by Allyn Joslyn in John's office; his body is shown afterwards when Franchot Tone and Lee Bowman discover him.
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