John Huston in 'Winter Kills'
John Huston (1906 - 1987)
Son of
Walter Huston
Evelyn Keyes
Father of
Anjelica Huston, Tony Huston & Danny Huston
Grandfather of
Jack Huston
The Bermuda Triangle (Devil's Triangle of Bermuda; Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle) (1978) [Edward Marvin]: Drowned (off-screen), along with Marina Vlady, after they're knocked overboard by a wave. (Thanks to Johan)

The Biggest Battle (Il Grande attacco; The Greatest Battle) (1978) [Sean O'Hara]: Killed in an explosion by a grenade while reporting from the front lines. (Note: John's death scene was cut from the US release, and is only present in the longer European version.) (Thanks to Johan)

Winter Kills (1979) [Pa Kegan]: Falls over a balcony while fleeing from a gunfight between Jeff Bridges and Richard Boone; we see him hanging onto a giant flag after Jeff comes to the balcony, then John falls to his death when the flag tears before Jeff can pull him up.

Wise Blood (1979) [Grandfather]: Dies of old age; I can't recall whether he had an on-screen death scene or whether he was simply presumed to have died at some point between the flashback sequences and the body of the film.
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