John Astin in 'Night Gallery: Pamela's Voice'
John Astin (1930 - )
Ex-Mr. Patty Duke
Father of
Mackenzie Astin
Stepfather of
Sean Astin
Night Gallery: Pamela's Voice (1971) [Jonathan]: Dies (off-screen) as a result of heavy drinking and overeating; he appears as a ghost in the funeral home throughout the episode, and his body is shown when he looks in the coffin and discovers it's his own funeral.

Night Gallery: Hell's Bells (1971) [Hippie]: Killed in a car crash/explosion; he finds himself in the afterlife "waiting room" after the crash, and eventually discovers that the boredom of the waiting room is his own personal Hell.

Night Gallery: The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (1972) [Munsch]: Drained of life (off-screen) by Joanna Pettet. Neither his death nor his body is shown; we only learn of his death when James Farentino confronts Joanna about it.

The Frighteners (1996) [The Judge]: Plays the ghost of a 19th-century gunfighter; he "dies" once again after confronting the Soul Collector.

School of Life (2005) [Stormin' Norman Warner]: Dies of a heart attack while accepting an award on stage. (Thanks to Neil)
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