Joe Spinell in 'Deadly Illusion'
Joe Spinell (1936 - 1989)
Ex-Mr. Jean Jennings
(adult film star)
Starcrash (The Adventures of Stella Star; Female Space Invaders) (1979) [Count Zarth Arn]: It's been a long time since I've seen this movie, so my memory is vague, but I believe he was killed in an explosion when his space station was blown up.

Winter Kills (1979) [Arthur Fletcher]: Fatally injured (off-screen) in a fall from an oil derrick; he dies some time afterwards in a ship's medical quarters, after confessing to Jeff Bridges and Richard Boone that he killed the President many years before. (Joe's face is completely covered in bandages for his entire screen time.)

Maniac (1980) [Frank Zito]: Decapitated by the mannequins in his apartment after they come to life; this is revealed as a dream sequence when the police discover him with his head intact. His eyes suddenly open in the final shot, indicating that he wasn't dead after all. (Thanks to Michael)

Deadly Illusion (I Love You to Death) (1987) [Crazy Man in Gun Bureau]: Shot in the chest by Billy Dee Williams after Joe pulls out a gun and takes a hostage in the firearms-licensing office.
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