Joel David Moore (1977 - )
a.k.a. Joel Moore
Hatchet (2006) [Ben]: Presumably bleeds to death (off-screen) after Kane Hodder tears off Joel's arm in the boat; we last see him lying wounded in the boat, but it's unlikely that he survives. (Thanks to Cody and Eric)

Avatar (2009) [Norm Spellman]: Although Joel survives the movie, his Avatar body is shot to death during the final battle. (It's arguable whether or not this counts, but since it's been suggested, I'll go ahead and list it.) (Thanks to Tommy)

Shark Night 3D (2011) [Gordon]: Eaten by a shark when it jumps out of the water and grabs him, after he climbs a tree in an attempt to escape. (Thanks to ND)

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Joel David Moore in 'Shark Night'