Jim Carrey in 'The Dead Pool'
Jim Carrey (1962 - )
Ex-Mr. Lauren Holly
The Dead Pool (1988) [Johnny Squares]: Dies of a drug overdose when David Hunt forces an inhaler into his mouth in Jim's trailer; his body is shown again while Clint Eastwood and Evan C. Kim investigate. (Thanks to M.)

Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All (1989) [Brad Peters]: Killed in an explosion (along with John Calvin) when John opens a booby-trapped door that Lynda Carter had rigged on John's boat.

Man on the Moon (1999) [Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton]: Dies of lung cancer (although the final appearance by "Tony Clifton" at the end of the movie suggests that Andy might have faked his death, as was sometimes theorized at the time).

Bruce Almighty (2003) [Bruce Nolan]: Hit by a truck on the highway; the scene cuts to black at the sound of the impact, followed by a scene of Jim finding himself in Heaven and speaking with God (Morgan Freeman). Morgan then sends Jim back to life, and the scene cuts to paramedics resuscitating him.
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