Jim Brown in 'The Dirty Dozen'
Jim Brown dead in 'The Dirty Dozen'
Jim Brown (1936 - )
Former professional football player with the Cleveland
Rio Conchos (1964) [Sgt. Franklyn]: Killed in an explosion (along with Richard Boone) when a munitions-filled wagon blows up during a gun battle. (Thanks to Michael)

The Dirty Dozen (1967) [Robert T. Jefferson]: Shot to death by a Nazi soldier as Jim runs away after throwing several grenades into the chateau. (Thanks to Michael)

Dark of the Sun (The Mercenaries) (1968) [Sgt. Ruffo]: Stabbed in the chest by Peter Carsten.

Ice Station Zebra (1968) [Captain Leslie Anders]: Shot to death by Patrick McGoohan while Jim is fighting with Ernest Borgnine. (Thanks to Michael)

Kid Vengeance (Take Another Hard Ride; Vengeance) (1977) [Isaac]: Shot repeatedly by John Marley and Lee Van Cleef; he manages to throw some dynamite at them before he dies.

The Running Man (1987) [Fireball]: Killed in an explosion after Arnold Schwarzenegger throws a flare at him. (Thanks to Michael)

Small Soldiers (1998) [Butch Meathook]: Providing the voice of an artificially-intelligent action figure (in multiple copies), the multiple figures are deactivated by an electromagnetic pulse. (Thanks to Tommy)

Animal (2005) [Berwell]: Stabbed to death with a shank by Eugene Cotto, when Eugene tries to kill Ving Rhames and Jim intervenes. (Thanks to ND)
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