Jesse Borrego in 'Con Air'
Jesse Borrego (1962 - )
Mr. Valeria Hernandez
Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) (1993) [El Duran]: Shot to death by Panchito Gomez and Panchtio's gang. His body is shown again later on during his funeral. (Thanks to Laurie)

Con Air (1997) [Francisco Cindino]: Burned to death when John Malkovich throws a cigarette into a puddle of fuel that Jesse is standing in.

Brimstone: Lovers (1999) [Paco Gomez]: Killed in a car crash, along with Shannon Sturges, when their car goes over a cliff, several years before the episode takes place. He escapes from Hell, but dies once again when Peter Horton stabs him in the eyes with a hood ornament. (Thanks to Neil)

24: Day 3: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM (2004) [Gael Ortega]: Dies of an exotic virus which he had been exposed to a few episodes earlier, with Reiko Aylesworth by his bedside.

CSI Miami: Free Fall (2006) [Nicolas Suero]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Chris Batstone or Ana Alexander; his body is shown afterwards when Emily Procter and Jonathan Togo open the trunk of Chris and Ana' car. (Thanks to Neil)

Dexter: Do You Take Dexter Morgan? (2008) [George King]: Neck snapped by Michael C. Hall at the end of a fight in an abandoned cigar factory; Michael then drops his body from the loft to make it look like a suicide. (Thanks to Neil and Stephen)

Colombiana (2011) [Fabio]: Shot repeatedly, along with Cynthia Addai-Robinson, by Beto Benites' thugs, as Amandla Stenberg looks on helplessly.
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