Jeremy Davies in 'Dogville'
Jeremy Davies' death (at least I think it's him) in 'Dogville'
Jeremy Davies (1969 - )
Ravenous (1999) [Pvt. Toffler]: Reportedly disemboweled (off-screen) by Robert Carlyle; his body is shown afterwards when Guy Pearce and Neal McDonough discover him. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Ernesto)

Dogville (2003) [Bill Henson]: Machine-gunned, along with everybody else in the town, by James Caan's thugs. (The massacre scene was so chaotic, it was hard to tell precisely what was going on--I'm not 100% sure that Jeremy is any of the people in the above illustration--but it's established that everyone in the town is killed.) (Thanks to Vincent, Artur, and Dick Hertz)
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