Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 'Watchmen'
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (1966 - )
Ex-Mr. Anya Longwell
Weeds: You Can't Miss the Bear (2005) [Judah Botwin]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack while jogging with his son (Alexander Gould), some time before the series starts. (Jeffrey does not appear in this opening episode, but the character's death is established; he has only appeared in videotape/flashback footage in the episodes Free Goat and Dead in the Nethers.) (Thanks to TS)

Grey's Anatomy: Losing My Religion (2006) [Denny Duquette]: Dies of an embolism following heart surgery. (Thanks to Alex, Bridget, and TS)

Supernatural: In My Time of Dying (2006) [John Winchester]: Dies of an apparent heart attack, after offering his life to a demon in exchange for saving the life of his son (Jensen Ackles). (Thanks to Bridget, TS, and Sara)

Watchmen (2009) [Edward Blake a.k.a. The Comedian]: Thrown through a window at the end of a fight with Matthew Goode. (Thanks to Agustin and Tommy)
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