Jeff Corey in 'The Killers' (1946)
Jeff Corey (1914 - 2002)
The Killers (A Man Alone) (1946) ['Blinky' Franklin]: Fatally wounded in an off-screen shoot-out with police; he dies in the hospital some time afterward, following a delirious confession/flashback.

Brute Force (1947) ['Freshman' Stack]: Shot repeatedly by guards during a prison break, after Burt Lancaster and the other convicts tie Jeff to the front of a minecart to draw their fire.

The Outer Limits: O.B.I.T. (1963) [Mr. Byron Lomax]: Playing an alien in human form, he commits suicide by disintegrating himself after his secret is discovered. (Thanks to Stephen)

True Grit (1969) [Tom Chaney]: Shot to death by John Wayne (on top of having been wounded by Kim Darby).

Little Big Man (1970) [Wild Bill Hickock]: Shot in the back of the head by Rory O'Brien during a poker game in a saloon.

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) [Zed]: Stabbed in the stomach by an enemy soldier. (Thanks to Tal)

Messenger of Death (1988) [Willis Beecham]: Shot in the chest by one of John Ireland's sons, after John Solari shoots Ireland and sets off a big shoot-out.
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