Jean-Claude Van Damme (1960 - )
Ex-Mr. Darcy LaPier
Mr. Gladys Portugues
(divorced, remarried)
Black Eagle (1988) [Andrei]: Slashed to death by a boat propellor after being dragged underwater at the end of a fight with Sho Kosugi. (Thanks to ND)

Universal Soldier (1992) [Private Luc Devereaux]: Shot repeatedly by Dolph Lundgren (whom he shoots in return); his body is shown afterwards being zipped up in a body bag. He is later brought back to life through an experimental scientific procedure. (Thanks to Martin and ND)

Maximum Risk (Bloodstone; The Exchange) (1996) [Alain Moreau/Mikhail Suverov]: Playing a dual role as twin brothers, "Mikhail" is thrown through the windshield of an oncoming car while being chased by Paul Ben-Victor and Frank Senger. His body is shown afterwards in the morgue when Jean-Hugues Anglade shows him to "Alain." ("Alain" survives the movie.) (Thanks to ND)

The Order (2001) [Rudy Cafmeyer/Charles La Vaillaint]: Playing a dual role in two time periods, "Charles" is slashed to death with a sword by a knight in the 12th-century prologue. ("Rudy" survives the movie.) (Thanks to ND)

Replicant (2001) [Edward 'The Torch' Garrotte/Replicant]: Playing a dual role, "Garrotte" is shot repeatedly by Michael Rooker at the end of a fight between the two Jean-Claudes. ("Replicant" survives the movie.) (Thanks to ND)

Las Vegas: Die Fast, Die Furious (2004) [Jean-Claude Van Damme]: Falls to his death from the hotel roof after a stunt is sabotaged.

Until Death (2007) [Anthony Stowe]: Although he survives the actual film, some European DVDs include an alternate ending in which he is shot to death in a shoot-out with Stephen Rea. (Thanks to ND)

The Expendables 2 (2012) [Vilain]: Stabbed in the stomach by Sylvester Stallone, as Sylvester chokes Jean-Claude with a chain and uses it to pull Jean-Claude towards the knife. Sylvester then decapitates his body (off-screen); his severed head is shown afterwards when Sylvester throws it to the ground. (Thanks to Tommy, Tim, Carlos, Vongjohn, and ND)

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Jean-Claude Van Damme in 'Maximum Risk'