Jay Mohr in 'Cherry Falls'
Jay Mohr (1970 - )
Ex-Mr. Nicole Chamberlain
Mr. Nikki Cox
Action: Lights, Camera, Action! (1999) [Peter Dragon]: Dies of a heart attack. (The following episode, Dead Man Floating, revealed that he was resuscitated after being declared legally dead; that "epilogue" episode was not aired during the series' original run, but was first broadcast during FX's "reruns" in 2000.) (Thanks to Tommy)

Cherry Falls (2000) [Leonard Marliston]: Shot in the chest by Amanda Anka, after Jay suddenly jumps up and attacks after being knocked off a roof and impaled on a fence post at the end of a struggle with Brittany Murphy. (Thanks to Gary, Jarryd, and Keith)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Rispetto (2011) [Nyle Brite]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Neal Huff; his body is shown afterwards when Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe discover him.
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