Jay Hernandez in 'Hostel Part II'
Jay Hernandez' headless body in 'Hostel Part II'
Jay Hernandez (1978 - )
Mr. Daniella Deutscher
Grindhouse (2007) [Bobby]: In the "Thanksgiving" trailer, he is decapitated by Jeff Rendell. (Thanks to ND)

Hostel Part II (2007) [Paxton]: Decapitated (off-screen) by Jeff Rendell in Jay's kitchen; his headless body is shown afterwards (with his cat licking the stump) when Jordan Ladd discovers him, and his severed head is shown later on when Lauren German discovers it in a room full of heads. (There is also a dream sequence earlier in which Jay is stabbed in the stomach and disemboweled by Luc Merenda.) (Thanks to Eric, Dave, and Marcin)
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