Jason Lee in 'Dogma'
Jason Lee (1970 - )
Enemy of the State (1998) [Daniel Leon Zavitz]: Hit by a truck while running from Jon Voight's corrupt government agents.

Dogma (1999) [Azrael]: Dies after Kevin Smith hits him in the chest with a golf club that had been blessed by George Carlin.

Dreamcatcher (2003) [Joe 'Beaver' Clarenden]: Killed by the creature while Damian Lewis looks on helplessly. His body is shown again afterwards when Thomas Jane discovers him. (Thanks to Brad, Marigen, Kylee, David31, and Shigley)

The Incredibles (2004; animated) [Buddy Pine a.k.a. Syndrome]: Sucked into a jet engine when his cape gets caught in it. (Thanks to Kelly, Mathew, Neil and Stephen)

My Name Is Earl: Bad Karma (2005) [Earl Hickey]: Run over by a car driven by Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples, while Ethan Suplee looks on helplessly. (Played for comic effect.) (This is a special "alternate episode" made specifically for the DVD, showing what would have happened if Jason chose vengeance over redemption.) (Thanks to Neil)

Monster House (2006; animated) [Bones]: Consumed by the living house after being lured inside; he is later brought back to life when the house is destroyed. (It's debatable whether this constitutes a "death," but I thought I'd list it just to be safe.) (Thanks to ND)
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