Jared Leto in 'Panic Room'
Jared Leto (1971 - )
Lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist of 30 Seconds to Mars
Brother of Shannon Leto
Prefontaine (1997) [Steve Prefontaine]: Crushed to death/suffocated after being pinned underneath his car in an accident. (Thanks to William and Shollum)

Switchback (1997) [Lane Dixon]: Throat slashed. (Thanks to Shollum)

The Thin Red Line (1998) [Second Lieutenant Whyte]: Shot to death by Japanese soldiers in combat. (Thanks to Katy, William, and Deb)

American Psycho (2000) [Paul Allen]: Hacked to death with an axe by Christian Bale in Jared's room. (Thanks to Vlabor, Aubrey, William, Tom, Shollum, Utonium, Deb, and Gee)

Panic Room (2002) [Junior]: Shot in the head by Dwight Yoakam as Jared tries to leave. (Thanks to Tracy, Aubrey, Jamie, William, ND, Shollum, Deb, and Gee)

Alexander (2004) [Hephaistion]: Dies of a fever, with Colin Farrell by his side. (Thanks to Gary, Tracy, Vlabor, Shollum, and Deb)

Lord of War (2005) [Vitaly Orlov]: Machine-gunned by a group of soldiers, after Jared blows up their truck. (Thanks to Aubrey, Vlabor, William, Tom, Shollum, Deb, and Gee)

Lonely Hearts (2006) [Ray Fernandez]: Executed. (See also Tony Lo Bianco in The Honeymoon Killers.) (Thanks to Shollum, Deb)
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