Jamie Gillis in 'Alien Space Avenger'
Jamie Gillis (1943 - 2010)
Oriental Blue (1975; adult) [Brock]: Poisoned by Peonies Jong through her lipstick; he dies shortly after shooting her in return. (Thanks to Jimbo)

Amanda by Night (1981; adult) [Friday]: Killed (off-screen, exact method uncertain) in his apartment by Frank Hallowell. His body is shown afterwards when Richard Bolla enters the apartment and discovers him.

Ten Little Maidens (1985; adult) [Renfro]: Dies after his circulation is cut off by Lisa De Leeuw putting a rubber duck over his penis (all off-screen). His body is shown afterwards when Harry Reems discovers him lying in the outdoor fountain.

If Looks Could Kill (1986) [Jack Devonoff]: Shot to death by police as Jamie is about to attack Tim Gail from behind (on top of having his right hand cut off during his previous struggle with Tim).

Deranged (1987) [Eugene]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by slitting his throat with a straight razor in the bathtub, several years before the story begins; he only appears in Veronica Hart's hallucinations/flashbacks (sometimes as a corpse, sometimes "living").

Alien Space Avenger (Space Avenger) (1989) [Businessman]: Spontaneously combusts while having sex with an alien woman (Angela Nicholas) in a hotel room.
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