James Russo in 'Public Enemies'
James Russo (1953 - )
Beverly Hills Cop (1984) [Mikey Tandino]: Shot in the head by Jonathan Banks while James is returning to his apartment with Eddie Murphy. (Thanks to Tommy, Arben, and ND)

Once Upon a Time in America (1984) [Bugsy]: Stabbed to death by Scott Tyler, after James shoots Noah Mozelli. (Thanks to Tommy and Arrben)

We're No Angels (1989) [Bobby]: Shot to death by police as he's trying to cross the Canadian border while holding a child hostage; his body then falls into the river. (Thanks to ND)

State of Grace (1990) [DeMacro]: Killed (off-screen) by R.D. Call. His death is mentioned after the fact. (Thanks to Arben and ND)

Bad Girls (1994) [Kid Jarrett]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Madeleine Stowe. (Thanks to ND)

The Ninth Gate (1999) [Bernie]: Killed (off-screen) by an assassin; his body is shown afterwards hanging upside-down when Johnny Depp discovers him. (Thanks to Arben and ND)

Open Range (2003) [Sheriff Poole]: Shot to death in a big shoot-out. (Thanks to Arben)

Public Enemies (2009) [Walter Dietrich]: Shot to death by guards during a prison break. (Thanks to Tommy and Arben)

Charlie Valentine (2009) [Rocco]: Shot to death by Raymond J. Barry. (Thanks to Arben)

Django Unchained (2012) [Dicky Speck]: Shot to death by Jarrod Bunch while James is pinned beneath his horse, after Christoph Waltz releases Jarrod and the other slaves and offers them a choice of what to do with James. (Thanks to Tommy, Arben, Tim, and ND)

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