James LeGros (1962 - )
Mr. Kristina Loggia
Son-in-law of
Robert Loggia
Thursday (1998) [Billy Hill]: Shot several times in the chest (along with Glenn Plummer) by Mickey Rourke while James and Glenn are hanging upside-down in Thomas Jane's garage. His body is shown again afterwards when James prepares to get rid of all the bodies.

Scotland, Pa. (2001) [Joe 'Mac' McBeth]: Impaled through the back on a steer-horn hood ornament when Christopher Walken jumps off the restaurant roof and tackles James against the hood of the car.

Vantage Point (2008) [Ted Heinkin]: Shot to death by Edgar Ramirez after Edgar bursts into the room to kidnap William Hurt. (Thanks to ND)
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James LeGros in 'Scotland, Pa.'